Leaf Dog - From A Scarecrow's Perspective, 2xLP, Repress

Label: High Focus Records
Tryk: UK
Katalog#: HFRFP003
Stand: NEW
År: 2017
Lagerbeholdning: På lager
Pris: DKK200,00
Repress of Leaf Dog's classic debut album 'From A Scarecrow's Perspective' on red and yellow double vinyl. This is one of the gems of the ever expanding Leaf Dog discography featuring classics like 'Walk With Me', 'Some People Say' & 'Stoned Broke & Single' and many more!


A1 : Some People Say

A2: It's All Me

A3: The Stomp
Featuring - BVA, Rampage

A4: Hope

B1: Stoned Broke And Single
Featuring - BVA

B2: Hide Your Eyes
Featuring - Assa

B3: All Alone
Featuring - Fliptrix

B4: Jump Jump

C1: The Note I Left

C2: Poor Mans Song Pt. 2

C3: Sweet Thing

C4: Before The Days
Featuring - BVA, Diamond D

D1: Walk With Me

D2: When I Bust

D3: Why I Do This
Featuring - Kid Genius

D4: Time And A Place
Featuring - Verb. T

D5: Untitled (Hidden Bonus Track)