Dead Players - Dead Players, 2xLP

Label: High Focus Records
Tryk: UK
Katalog#: HFRLP014
Stand: NEW
År: 2013
Lagerbeholdning: På lager
Pris: DKK200,00
Limited edition double vinyl of the debut Dead Players 12 track album! Dead Players are Jam Baxter & Dabbla with GhostTown on production! The album features Dirty Dike, Edward Scissortongue & Parly B.


A1: Winning

A2: Bottle

A3: Arcade

B1: Kneedeep

B2: Ever

B3: Velvet Swamp
Featuring - Dirty Dike, Edward Scissortongue

C1: Yeah

C2: Premium Murkage

C3: Badman

C4: Dirt Cloud

D1: Skit

D2: Fatman

D3: Every Manor Remix
Featuring - Parly B