Dead Players - Freshly Skeletal, LP

Label: High Focus Records
Tryk: UK
Katalog#: HFRLP042
Stand: NEW
År: 2015
Lagerbeholdning: På lager
Pris: DKK160,00
Second offering from the infamous Dead Players, a deadly trio comprised of MC's Jam Baxter & Dabbla with GhostTown on production. The album is jam packed with bangers and features Lee Scott, Sox, Ocean Wisdom, Illaman & Orifice Vulgatron.


A1: Oh Well

A2: Billa

A3: Nah

A4: Call Us Now

A5: B.A.W.G

A6: Do It
Featuring - Lee Scott

B1: Ringing

B2: High

B3: Infinite Limousine Pile Up
Featuring - Illaman, Ocean Wisdom, Orifice Vulgatron, Sox

B4: Cooked

B5: Drenching