Ramson Badbones & DJ Fingerfood - Hypnodic, LP

Label: High Focus Records
Tryk: UK
Katalog#: HFRLP058
Stand: NEW
År: 2017
Lagerbeholdning: På lager
Pris: DKK160,00
Ramson Badbonez teams up with producer DJ Fingerfood to bring us 'Hypnodic' the follow up to the cult classic 'A Year In The Life Of Oscar The Slouch'. A no holds barred showcase in dope rhymes and beats featuring Leaf Dog, Res One, Jokerstarr, Gadget, M.A.B, Deeflux and Jazz T.



A1: Examination

A2: Hypnodic

A3: Stir Fried

A4: Find Me

A5: Anti Convo
Featuring - M.A.B

A6: Mind In The Sewer
Featuring - Jazz T, Joker Starr


B1: Lucid Astral Cruising

B2: Mental Clix
Featuring - Leaf Dog

B3: Komodo Saliva
Featuring - Res One

B4: Verses Eye Spit

B5: Solitude
Featuring - Deeflux

B6: Side Ways
Featuring - Gadget

B7: Re-Admittance