Elusive - Deceiving The Right Eye... Volume 2, LP
US, 1999, VG+/Generic
DKK65,00 DKK30,00
Sebbe - Mossans Hoj, 12"
JuJu Records, SE, 2003, VG+/VG
DKK80,00 DKK40,00
Promoe / Creative - Off The Record / Subdo The Mic, 12", Promo
BMG Denmark, Denmark, 1998, VG-/Generic
DKK100,00 DKK50,00
Various - From Beyond K-Line EP, 12", EP
David Vs. Goliath, SE, 1998, VG+/VG
DKK200,00 DKK150,00

Cracker Jon & 2Late - You Can Take The Cracker Out Of Croydon, 2xLP

Label: High Focus Records
Tryk: UK
Katalog#: HFRLP022
Stand: NM/VG
År: 2014
Lagerbeholdning: På lager
Pris: DKK150,00
Tape on sleeve.


: A

A1: Dingy Squat (Intro Skit)

A2: My Demands

A3: No Need

A4: What You Prefer?
Scratches - DJ Sammy B-Side

A5: The Funk Off
Featuring - Dubbul O, Eric Da Red, Sly Moon, Smellington Piff

: B

B1: Dank
Scratches - DJ Sammy B-Side

B2: Obnoxious
Featuring - Dirty Dike, Lee Scott

B3: Can't Sleep (+ Mutley Skit)

B4: Got The Style
Featuring - Fliptrix
Scratches - DJ Sammy B-Side

B5: All The Places

: C

C1: That Time
Featuring - Leaf Dog

C2: Hesitant (+ Man About Dog Skit)

C3: Say What
Featuring - Sly Moon

C4: Summatyme

C5: That Ain't Right

: D

D1: Shut Ya Mouth (+ Skit)
Featuring - Smellington Piff

D2: Do 'Em For Fraud

D3: Fat Funk Flows (+ Toilet Humour Skit)
Featuring - Datkid, Strange Neighbour
Scratches - DJ Almighty

D4: Think About It (+ Answerphone Skit)
Featuring - Fliptrix