Illa J - Home, LP
Germany, 2017, NEW
DKK180,00 DKK140,00
Lo Life - Tonzas Plade, LP
Denmark, 2017, NEW
DKK140,00 DKK80,00
Kubiq - Kuboniqs, 2xLP
US, 2000, VG+/VG+
DKK45,00 DKK20,00
Big Dada Recordings, UK, 2004, VG+/Generic
DKK25,00 DKK15,00

Madstyle - Bloodrush, LP

Tryk: US
Katalog#: 55032
Stand: VG-/VG+
År: 1993
Lagerbeholdning: På lager
Pris: DKK50,00 DKK20,00

Original US. Heavy used, plays with clicks and noise from scratches – mostly noticeable between tracks and in low passage.


A1: Phobia

A2: Bloodrush

A3: Run
Producer - Frankie Cutlass

A4: Free Your Mind

A5: 7 Days A Week
Rap [Featuring] - Co-Cheeks

B1: Redrum
Producer - Frankie Cutlass
Rap [Featuring] - Evil Twins

B2: Next Man Swinga

B3: Feeling The Highs

B4: Halls Of Horror
Rap [Featuring] - Doom Of Darkness

B5: Lost Boyz