Chilly & Leafy - Vilka Är Dom, 12"
Sweden, 2002, EX/Generic
DKK50,00 DKK40,00
Sebbe - Mossans Hoj, 12"
JuJu Records, SE, 2003, VG+/VG
DKK80,00 DKK40,00

DJ Quik - Quik Is The Name, LP, Reissue

Label: Profile Records
Tryk: US
Katalog#: 88985455311
Stand: NEW
År: 2017
Lagerbeholdning: På lager
Pris: DKK180,00
2017 reissue of the classic debut album by DJ Quik.


A1: Sweet Black Pussy

A2: Tonite
Synthesizer - Real Richie Rich

A3: Born And Raised In Compton

A4: Deep
Featuring [Uncredited] - AMG, KK, Tha D
Written-By - D. Barnett, J. Lewis, K. McDonald

A5: Tha Bombudd
Vocals - Nedra "Cookie" Richardson

A6: Dedication
Written-By - D. Barnett, K. McDonald

B1: Quik Is The Name

B2: Loked Out Hood

B3: 8 Ball
Bass, Guitar - Robert Bacon
Keyboards - Rod Terrell
Producer [Adittional] - Courtney Branch, Tracy Kendrick

B4: Quik's Groove

B5: Tear It Off
Featuring [Uncredited] - AMG
Written-By - J. Lewis

B6: I Got That Feelin'

B7: Skanless
Featuring - AMG, Hi-C, KK, Tha D
Written-By - C. Wilkerson, D. Barnett, J. Lewis, K. McDonald