Don Martin - Radio Alarmclock, 12"
Norway, 2003, NM/VG+
DKK200,00 DKK100,00
Tableek - A Deepest Blue, LP
US, 2017, NEW
DKK120,00 DKK80,00
J Dilla - Motor City, LP
Nature Sounds, US, 2017, NEW
DKK220,00 DKK200,00
J Dilla - Jay Dee's Ma Dukes Collection, LP
US, 2017, NEW
DKK225,00 DKK160,00

The Original Jazzy Jay - Cold Chillin' In The Studio Live, LP

Tryk: Germany
Katalog#: UNI 010
Stand: VG/VG
År: 1989
Lagerbeholdning: På lager
Pris: DKK50,00
Original German pressing


A1: Ultimate Force - I'm Not Playing
Producer - Jazzy Jay

A2: Nu-Sounds - Yo Stupid
Producer - Jazzy Jay
Vocals [Featuring] - Papa Jam

A3: Tony D. - Back To The Lab
Producer - Tony D.

A4: D-Ice - So Def Am I
Producer - D.J. Shabazz

A5: Jazzy Jay - Do What You Gotta Do
Producer - Jazzy Jay

A6: Raheem - I'm The King
Producer - Diamond D.
Voice [Intro Uncredited] - Lord Finesse

B1: Ice Cream Tee / Tony D. - Keep Hushin'
Producer - Tony D.

B2: MobVersa - Def Is The Status
Producer - Joe Scruggs

B3: Nu-Sounds - Condition Red
Producer - Rohan Robotham

B4: Outlaw Gangster - The Joke Is Over
Producer - Jazzy Jay

B5: Def Duo - You Gotta Believe
Producer - Congo Square Productions

B6: Grandwizard And The Freaks - Grand Wizard Theodore