Ras Beats - Control Your Own, LP
Worldwyde Recordings, US, 2016, NEW
DKK180,00 DKK125,00
Sebbe - Mossans Hoj, 12"
JuJu Records, SE, 2003, VG+/VG
DKK80,00 DKK40,00
The Afros - Kickin' Afrolistics, LP, Album
Rush Associated Labels, Europe, 1990, VG/VG+
DKK50,00 DKK25,00

HansSOLO & Sincere - On The Wheel, LP

Tryk: Denmark
Katalog#: RFC056
Stand: NEW
År: 2018
Lagerbeholdning: På lager
Pris: DKK180,00
Album by US rapper Sincere, produced by the Danish Pro Era member HansSOLO. Featuring Philo, Minna Forouzandeh and Jonas Cook & Justo Gambula of Athletic Progression. Released digitally in 2016 and now in 2018 for the first time on vinyl.


A1: Intro

A2: Passenger Seat
Rap - Philo
Vocals - Minna Forouzandeh

A3: Patrice

A4: Finesse (1997)
Rap - Philo

B1: Cinnamon
Keyboards - Jonas Cook
Vocals - Joalane Mohapeloa

B2: Burgundy
Bass - Justo Gambula

B3: On The Wheel
Rap - Philo

B4: Apollo
Bass - Justo Gambula
Drums - Rob Smyles
Guitar - Mathias Winther