Various - Tabu Recz, 2xLP
Run For Cover Records, Denmark, 2016, NEW
DKK170,00 DKK150,00
Marwan - Partisaner, LP
Beatdown, Denmark, 2017, NEW
DKK150,00 DKK125,00

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Bas One - For The Mentally Astute "Theory Of A Throw-Up", 3xLP

Tryk: US
Katalog#: HTK-016
Stand: EX/EX
År: 2001
Lagerbeholdning: På lager
Pris: DKK100,00


A1: This Is It

A2: Think About It

A3: Gallery Opening
Scratches - Snayk Eyez

A4: Infinate Life

A5: Mudfoot
Producer - Specks

A6: Train Yard

A7: Trane Of Thought

B1: Toy Story

B2: Black Heart

B3: Preacher 1
Producer - Bas One

B4: Spair Time
Scratches - DJ Spair

B5: Spittin Life
Featuring - H Bomb

B6: Preacher 2

C1: Free Your Mind

C2: Success
Scratches - Snayk Eyez

C3: Taggin
Scratches - DJ Roe

C4: Highly Effective People
Scratches - Pizmo

C5: Electro Synthes
Producer, Scratches - D-Styles

D1: Foot Crimes
Scratches - Snayk Eyez

D2: Mircrohard

D3: Turntable Quest
Scratches - DJ Quest

D4: FSC Speaks

D5: Talkin Major

D6: It's A Klassic
Scratches - DJ Mkqsoplc

E1: I Am

E2: Non-Significant

E3: Mega Black Mega Mix
Scratches - DJ Mega Black

E4: Voilla
Scratches - Snayk Eyez

E5: Not Just Me Song
Featuring - Adasa, Lord Takim, Pizmo, Q-Shy

F1: Nuclear Breathe

F2: Now A Days

F3: Mentally Astute
Scratches - DJ Spair

F4: Preacher 3
Producer - Bas One, Emperor Dre

F5: Graffiti Is Art Damn It !!!