Chilly & Leafy - Vilka Är Dom, 12"
Sweden, 2002, EX/Generic
DKK50,00 DKK40,00
J Dilla - Motor City, LP
Nature Sounds, US, 2017, NEW
DKK220,00 DKK200,00

Black Moon - War Zone, 2xLP

Label: Priority Records
Tryk: US
Katalog#: P1 50039
Stand: VG+/VG+
År: 1999
Pris: DKK150,00
Original US. DJ stickers in centerhole on LP1.


A1: Intro

A2: The Onslaught
Featuring - Busta Rhymes
Written-By - B. Worrell, E. Dewgarde, G. Clinton, K. Blake, W. Collins

A3: War Zone
Written-By - E. Dewgarde, K. Reid, K. Blake, W. Dewgarde

A4: This Is What It Sounds Like
Written-By - B. Corrigan, K. Blake, M. Hadjidakis, P. Hendricks

A5: Freestyle
Bass - Mark Brown
Written-By - C. Smith, F. Wesley, J. Brown, K. Blake, Kool & The Gang, W. Dewgarde

B1: Five (Interlude)

B2: For All Ya'll
Featuring - Heather B.
Written-By - E. Dewgarde, H. Gardner, K. Blake

B3: Come Get Some
Featuring - Louieville Sluggah
Guitar - Mark Brown
Written-By - B. Powell, K. Blake, P. Allen, W. Dewgarde

B4: Weight Of The World
Written-By - E. Dewgarde, K. Reid, K. Blake, W. Dewgarde

C1: Evil Dee Is On The Mix

C2: Showdown
Featuring - Q-Tip
Written-By - E. Dewgarde, K. Blake, W. Dewgarde

C3: One-Two
Written-By - D. Axelrod, E. Dewgarde, K. Reid, K. Blake

C4: Frame
Featuring - Cocoa Brovaz
Written-By - D. Yates, K. Blake, T. Williams, W. Dewgarde

D1: Buckshot (Interlude)

D2: Two Turntables & A Mic
Written-By - E. Dewgarde, K. Nix, K. Blake

D3: Annihilation
Featuring - M.O.P., Tephlon
Written-By - E. Murray, J. Grinnage, K. Blake, L. Starling, P. Hendricks, W. Dewgarde

D4: Duress
Written-By - D. Axelrod, K. Blake, P. Hendricks

D5: Throw Your Hands In The Air
Co-producer, Keyboards - Rockwilder
Written-By - C. Mayfield, D. Stinson, E. Dewgarde, K. Blake, W. Dewgarde

D6: Outro
Featuring - Rock