Capione - The Poets Cry EP, 12", EP
Not On Label, Denmark, 2005, NM/NM
DKK80,00 DKK40,00
Marwan - Partisaner, LP
Beatdown, Denmark, 2017, NEW
DKK150,00 DKK125,00

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien & AMP Live - Gate 13, 2xLP

Tryk: US
Katalog#: IOT62
Stand: NEW
År: 2018
Lagerbeholdning: På lager
Pris: DKK200,00
Gate 13 mixes hip-hop, funk, and electronica, and feature Goapele, Eligh, Simi, Zyme, Adult Karate, Mr. Micro, and James Melo, creating a “portal into something progressive, futuristic, and fun.”


A1: Attention (Intro)

A2: Wheel Of Fortune

A3: The Glow

A4: Gravy Train

B1: Funkrolla 3.0

B2: Run Free
Featuring - Simmi

B3: Help
Featuring - Adult Karate, Andrea Blunt

B4: Humble Pie

C1: Fly Away

C2: Far Beyond
Featuring - Goapele, Zyme

C3: Chili Sauce
Featuring - James Melo, Mr. Micro

C4: Funkrolla 4.0

D1: Sit Ya Ass Down

D2: On The Ball
Featuring - Eligh

D3: Get Some Of Dis

D4: Lateral Thinking