Kankick - Traditional Heritage, 2xLP

Tryk: Germany
Katalog#: SOS010-LP
Stand: NM/EX
År: 2014
Lagerbeholdning: På lager
Pris: DKK120,00
Still in shrinkwrap.


A1: The A-1 Sound

A2: Witness Truthful Mystics

A3: One Reason Why

A4: Interlude

A5: A Song For My Forefathers

A6: Look At That

B1: Amplified Dynastical

B2: Lady Slick
Featuring - Unorthadox

B3: Angel Exceptional

B4: Here, There Goes Love

B5: Dig The Tradition

B6: Bread And A Rolls Royce

C1: Interlude

C2: Unpredictable

C3: Egyptian Crystals

C4: Xtraterrestrial Travelin

C5: F.L.S.

C6: Square Suckas Take Cover

C7: Night Shine

D1: Oodles Of Ounces

D2: Fear Is Of The Mind
Featuring - Maysis

D3: Moderation
Featuring - Mystery's Extinction

D4: Aquarian Meditation

D5: The Blowfly
Featuring - Medaphoar

D6: San Francisco

D7: Traditional