Tableek - A Deepest Blue, LP
US, 2017, NEW
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The Foreign Exchange - Love In Flying Colors, 2xLP
US, 2013, NEW
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DJ Infamous - Secular Humanoiz, Cassette

Stand: VG+/NM
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A1: Live At The Main Event - Intro

A2: He Goes By The Name Of

A3: That Bitch Won't Stop Passin' Me By

A4: A Corny Breakdown

A5: Redrum... I Like It!

A6: The Art Of Shook Ones

A7: Calling Out A Sucka

A8: Some Soft Shit For The Honeez

A9: The Predictable Answering Machine Skit

A10: Let's Continue Calling Out A Sucka

A11: Call Me A Sell Out

A12: DJ Epik Presents: Some Crazy CaCa-DooDoo Shit

A13: Reposessed By Infamous

A14: Just Admit It?!

A15: The Inspectah Of Nappy Headz

A16: Those Damn B-Boys!

A17: Mortal Thoughts

A18: Turn The Page

B1: Circus Music - Intro

B2: Infamous, Infamous, Infamous Of The Jungle

B3: I Can Relate

B4: Underestimated

B5: Spottie-trippie-ottie

B6: Fiendish & Infamous Present: Seasons

B7: Hi My Name Is

B8: Infamous National Anthem (This Is In No Way Performed By Infamous)

B9: Introducing DJ Muet In: No Refunds

B10: Latin American

B11: Fuck A Millenium

B12: TekMasters

B13: Coop d'Ville Presents: Your Mama

B14: The War

B15: Skam2 Presents: Nevermind

B16: Competition

B17: Live @ MTV

B18: Peace Out