Various - Elephant Tracks, LP
US, 1999, VG+/Generic
DKK80,00 DKK35,00
MC Shan - Born To Be Wild, LP
Cold Chillin', Germany, 1988, EX/VG+
DKK70,00 DKK40,00

Grand Agent / J. Rawls - By Design / The Essence Of... (Snippets), Cassette, Promo

Label: Groove Attack Productions
Tryk: Germany
Stand: VG+/VG
År: 2001
Lagerbeholdning: På lager
Pris: DKK35,00


A1: Grand Agent - Intro (Freestyle)

A2: Grand Agent - It's Only Right
Featuring - Planet Asia

A3: Grand Agent - Every Five Minutes

A4: Grand Agent - From The Gate

A5: Grand Agent - The Man Who Could Be King

A6: Grand Agent - The Mingling

B1: J. Rawls - Intro
Featuring - Talib Kweli

B2: J. Rawls - Check The Clock
Featuring - Grap Luva, J. Sands
Voice [Introduction] - Geology

B3: J. Rawls - Superheroes
Featuring - Mass Influence
Voice [Introduction] - Mr. Len

B4: J. Rawls - Great Live Caper
Featuring - J-Live
Voice [Introduction] - 88 Keys

B5: J. Rawls - Far Away
Featuring - Apani B Fly MC, Mr. Complex
Voice [Introduction] - Mr. Man

B6: J. Rawls - Lone Catalysts (Remix)
Featuring - Lone Catalysts
Voice [Introduction] - Shawn J. Period

B7: J. Rawls - Nommo
Featuring - Asheru
Voice [Introduction] - Obsession

B8: J. Rawls - Cold Turkey
Featuring - Capital D, Mr. Greenweedz
Voice [Introduction] - Panik

B9: J. Rawls - Elegy (In 3 Pts.)
Featuring - Rubix
Voice [Introduction] - Hi-Tek

B10: J. Rawls - Outro