Quantic & Nidia Góngora - Curao, 2xLP
Tru Thoughts, UK, 2017, NEW
DKK210,00 DKK150,00
Roane Namuh - OKhandsignal, LP
Stones Throw Records, US, 2011, NM/NM
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Eminem - Revival, 2xLP
Aftermath Entertainment, Europe, 2018, NEW
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Various - The Beatnuts Collection, 2xLP

Label: Strictly Breaks Records
Tryk: US
Katalog#: SB-9810
Stand: VG/VG
År: 2003
Lagerbeholdning: På lager
Pris: DKK150,00
31 originals songs sampled by The Beatnuts. Few scratches causing clicks on side C, rest is VG+ to EX.


A1: Enoch Light - A Little Fugue For You And Me

A2: Janko Mlovic - Supra Pop Impressions

A3: Julio Gutierrez - Se Acabo

A4: Andy Loore - Mixed Drums

A5: Jacques Loussier - Caféine

A6: Bernard Wystraete - Daydream

A7: New Vaudeville - A Nightingale

A8: Roger Maxwell - Never On Sunday

B1: Donald Byrd - Wee Tina

B2: Glass Prism - Here You Are

B3: The Sons - Boomp Boomp Chop

B4: Hugo Montenegro - Again

B5: Blowfly - Sesame Street Theme

B6: Enoch Light - Hijack

B7: Afro Lafayette Rock Band - Hihache

B8: Bob McGrath - So It Doesn't Whistle

C1: Melvin Van Peebles - Break That Party

C2: Buddy Baker - Sign Song

C3: Bob McGraph - Me

C4: Los Angeles Megros - Fueron Tres Anos

C5: Chrysalis - 30 Poplar

C6: The Electric Prunes - General Confessional

C7: Henery Mancinm - Theme For Losers

C8: Galt Macdermot - Bedroom

D1: Dizzy Gillespie - The Matrix

D2: Tomita - Golliwog's Cakewalk

D3: The Pazant Brothers - New Orleans

D4: Booker Irvin - The Confined Few

D5: Dizzy Gillespie - Manteca

D6: Chris Hinze - Easy Answering

D7: Bill Doggett - Honkey Tonk