RahSun - It's Not A Game, LP, Promo

Tryk: US
Katalog#: BAS 41382
Stand: EX/VG+
År: 1998
Lagerbeholdning: På lager
Pris: DKK35,00
Original US Promo. Clean version.


A1: Shorty
Featuring - Deuce

A2: It's Not A Game

A3: I'll Be Around
Featuring - Big Punisher, Deuce

A4: Move Direct
Featuring - Thug Felion

A5: Make 'Em Clap To This
Featuring - Mr. Kwik

B1: Y'All Ain't Crazy
Featuring - P-Dap

B2: I Ain't Missin' You
Featuring - Deuce, Gwen Williams, Richie "G"

B3: What?

B4: My Boobie

B5: Wack Crews

B6: S.T.A.R.