• Kan Kick - Seeing Spirits, LP, Reissue

Kan Kick - Seeing Spirits, LP, Reissue

  • Label: Vinyldigital.de
  • Catalog#: VinDig108
  • Press: Germany
  • Year: 2015
  • Condition: NEW
  • Availability: In Stock
  • DKK160.00

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For the first time available on vinyl. Released in 2005 on CD.


A1: Morning (Enjoy) Interlude

A2: Advanced Balance
Featuring - KanKick, Lee Ism, Vic Monsoon

A3: Audio Car Charge

A4: Skit: Paranoid

A5: First Of The Day

A6: Violins Of Chaos (Whoop 'Em)

A7: Seeing Spirits

A8: 1974 (Funkin' Peace Choir)

A9: Memory Band Interlude

A10: It's Zukie

A11: Alien Folk Urbanaire (Beat Tape)

A12: In Space In Love

A13: Skit: Leather Shop

A14: Undisputed Harvest

B1: 45's World (Tribute To The 45 King)

B2: Bill Withers Interlude

B3: Better Waze
Featuring - Dudley Perkins

B4: Hold It In

B5: Flowers For Minnie

B6: Skit: Mas Fire

B7: Originill O.X. Jazz Cats

B8: Warped Mind Art Association

B9: Not Seriously Taken

B10: The Rituals (Never Typical)

B11: Prepare Interlude

B12: W.2.W.

B13: Get The F**k Hip

B14: S.I.P. (Suckas Is Paranoid)