• Cracker Jon & 2Late - You Can Take The Cracker Out Of Croydon, 2xLP

Cracker Jon & 2Late - You Can Take The Cracker Out Of Croydon, 2xLP

  • Label: High Focus Records
  • Catalog#: HFRLP022
  • Press: UK
  • Year: 2014
  • Condition: NEW
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • DKK200.00

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Cracker Jon's highly anticipated debut album on High Focus Records entirely produced by 2Late. Featuring Fliptrix, Dirty Dike, Leaf Dog, Lee Scott, Datkid, Sly Moon, Dubbul O, Smellington Piff, Eric Da Red, Strange Neighbour and DJ Sammy B-Side.


: A

A1: Dingy Squat (Intro Skit)

A2: My Demands

A3: No Need

A4: What You Prefer?
Scratches - DJ Sammy B-Side

A5: The Funk Off
Featuring - Dubbul O, Eric Da Red, Sly Moon, Smellington Piff

: B

B1: Dank
Scratches - DJ Sammy B-Side

B2: Obnoxious
Featuring - Dirty Dike, Lee Scott

B3: Can't Sleep (+ Mutley Skit)

B4: Got The Style
Featuring - Fliptrix
Scratches - DJ Sammy B-Side

B5: All The Places

: C

C1: That Time
Featuring - Leaf Dog

C2: Hesitant (+ Man About Dog Skit)

C3: Say What
Featuring - Sly Moon

C4: Summatyme

C5: That Ain't Right

: D

D1: Shut Ya Mouth (+ Skit)
Featuring - Smellington Piff

D2: Do 'Em For Fraud

D3: Fat Funk Flows (+ Toilet Humour Skit)
Featuring - Datkid, Strange Neighbour
Scratches - DJ Almighty

D4: Think About It (+ Answerphone Skit)
Featuring - Fliptrix