• ChimneySwift - The OddMovement, LP

ChimneySwift - The OddMovement, LP

  • Label: YouDon'tKnow
  • Catalog#: YDK001
  • Press: Denmark
  • Year: 2010
  • Condition: Used: NM/VG+
  • Availability: In Stock
  • DKK50.00

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A1: Intro

A2: Notater
Voice - ATC

A3: Get Ur Fist Up
Voice - Alvarado

A4: Doo

A5: Take A Slide

A6: Flyaway
Voice - Marc7

A7: Detective
Voice - Principle

A8: Så Kom Du

B1: Dellintalude

B2: Think About It
Voice - Logical

B3: Epigrafe
Voice - Enix, LadyKeys

B4: Cynthalude

B5: Cut Me Loose
Voice - Lilac Promises

B6: Outro

B7: Free
Voice - Ezekiah Rose