• Kan Kick - From Artz Unknown, 3xLP, Reissue

Kan Kick - From Artz Unknown, 3xLP, Reissue

  • Label: HHV.DE
  • Catalog#: HHV 171
  • Press: Germany
  • Year: 2011
  • Condition: Used: NM/NM
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • DKK200.00

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First HHV reissue on 3xLP


A1: Kan Intro

A2: Live As It Gets
Featuring - Medaphoar, Oh No

A3: The 900's
Featuring - Kubiq, Shake

A4: Kanstrumental №1

A5: Love Hardcore (Underground)
Featuring - Declaime

B6: A Sight For Sore Eyes
Featuring - Visionaries

B7: Kanstrumental №2 (Silvery Moon)

B8: The Finer Things
Featuring - Dr. Oop

B9: Don't Fight That
Featuring - Krondon, Montage One, Phil Da Agony, Planet Asia

C10: Kanstrumental №3

C11: Deleting Programs
Featuring - God's Gift

C12: Kanstrumental №4 (Drunk Interlude)

C13: Just Methods
Featuring - Montage One

C14: Kanstrumental №5 (Spiritual Dojo)

D15: Toast To The Boogie
Featuring - Declaime, Poppy

D16: Kanstrumental №6

D17: On The Lookout
Featuring - Kombo, Wildchild

D18: Kanstrumental №7

D19: Rebel Music

: Kanstrumentals

E1: Just Methods (Kanstrumental)

E2: Deleting Programs (Kanstrumental)

E3: Finer Things (Kanstrumental)

E4: Rebel Music (Kanstrumental)

F5: Love Hardcore (Kanstrumental)

F6: Toast To The Boogie (Kanstrumental)

F7: Kanstrumental №8

F8: Kanstrumental №9