• Sväng & Själ - Mixtape Vol. 1, Cassette

Sväng & Själ - Mixtape Vol. 1, Cassette

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  • Press: Sweden
  • Year: 2004
  • Condition: Used: NM/NM
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  • DKK150.00

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A1: Nameless - Music

A2: Mood - Kharma

A3: Symbiosis - Jada Jada

A4: The Beatnuts - Props Over Here

A5: Stamina - Rim & Reson (Remix)

A6: Nas - It Ain't Hard To Tell (Remix)
Remix - Large Professor

A7: Bashie - Stänger Av

A8: Troubadour - Weed Song

A9: Looptroop - Looptroop Land (Remix)

A10: Funkdoobiest - Lost In Thought

A11: Timbuktu - MVH (Remix)

A12: Wanna Battle - OH-10 (Remix)

A13: Declaime - Uplift Da Opposite
Rap [Featuring] - Taboo The Sweetest

A14: Artifacts - C'mon Wit Da Git Down

A15: Count Bass D - Antemeridian

A16: C4R - The Worst Part

A17: Format - Musiken (Remix)

B1: Hummin - Woods Of Stress

B2: The Nextmen - My Way
Rap [Featuring] - Ken Boogaloo

B3: Devil McDoom - Land Beneth A Tree

B4: Misto Soon - Freedom Principle

B5: InI - Fakin Jaxx (Remix)
Remix - Sebi

B6: Nadasdi - Keep It Unstressed

B7: Shiny Dayz - Bang This (Remix)

B8: Rasco - Hip-Hop Essentials

B9: Specifique - Nightlife Beat (Interlude)

B10: The Creators - That's My Word
Rap [Featuring] - Craig G, Will Pack

B11: Lone Catalysts - The Hustle (Remix)

B12: Organized Konfusion - Numbers

B13: Infuse - Dirt Beat (Interlude)

B14: Trane, Klaeboe & Maria - Don't Bluff Your Mind

B15: Pure Purpose - Swing & Soul

B16: Large Professor - Hungry

B17: Pete Rock & Grand Agent - This Is What They Meant