• Keith Papworth - Scallywag, LP

Keith Papworth - Scallywag, LP

  • Catalog#: DWS/LP 3551
  • Press: UK
  • Year: 1985
  • Condition: NM/NM
  • Availability: In Stock
  • DKK40.00

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A1: Scallywag

A2: Scallywag—Chase

A3: Scallywag—Romantic

A4: Scallywag—Comedy

A5: Loppy Lugs

A6: Witchy Poo

A7: Basket Of Snakes

A8: Blue Danube

A9: Higglety Pigglety

A10: Higglety Pigglety—Romance

A11: Higglety Pigglety—Mysterioso

A12: Higglety Pigglety—Martial

A13: Chuffity Chuff

A14: Chuffity Chuff—Train

B1: Harem Scarem

B2: Harem Scarem—Street Busker

B3: Harem Scarem—Romance

B4: Hoppity

B5: Hoppity—Beer Garden

B6: Hoppity—Chase

B7: Eastern Promise

B8: Curly Wurly

B9: Left Bank

B10: Thread Carefully

B11: Over The Waves Version 1

B12: Over The Waves Version 2

B13: Rescue Gallup