• Cali Agents - How The West Was One, 2xLP

Cali Agents - How The West Was One, 2xLP

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Original US. Still in shrinkwrap.


A1: Intro: Behind Closed Doors

A2: How The West Was One
Producer - Paul Nice

A3: Cali Agents: The Anthem
Producer - His-Panik

A4: Crash The Boards
Producer - M-Boogie

B1: Up Close And Personal
Featuring - Chuck Taylor
Producer - Madlib

B2: Neva Forget
Producer - His-Panik

B3: Interlude

B4: This Is My Life
Producer - His-Panik

C1: Faces Of Death
Producer - R'Kasha

C2: The Good Life
Producer - Protest

C3: Just When You Thought It Was Safe
Producer - Memo

C4: Talking Smack
Producer - 427

D1: Real Talk
Producer - Protest

D2: Fuck What You Heard
Producer - Roddy Rod

D3: Point Blank Range
Producer - Roddy Rod