• The Nextmen - Amongst The Madness, 2xLP

The Nextmen - Amongst The Madness, 2xLP

  • Label: 75 Ark
  • Catalog#: 75013
  • Press: US
  • Year: 2000
  • Condition: VG+/VG+
  • Availability: In Stock
  • DKK80.00

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A1: Amongst The Madness
Featuring - Soulson

A2: Break The Mold
Featuring - Grap Luva

A3: File Under Truth
Featuring - MC Penultimate

A4: We Originate
Featuring - Brad Baloo, Dom Search
Scratches - Harry Love, Mr. Thing

B1: Step Below The Surface
Featuring - Soulson

B2: My Way
Featuring - Ken Boogaloo

B3: Thinking Man's Session
Featuring - Grap Luva

B4: We Got
Featuring - Red Cloud, Ty

C1: Buck Foolish
Featuring - Ken Boogaloo

C2: Clarity
Featuring - Soulson

C3: Shine On
Featuring - Soulson

C4: Sex, Lies and Videotape
Featuring - Asheru

D1: Mental Alchemy
Featuring - Red Cloud

D2: Turn It Up A Little
Featuring - Ty

D3: Emergency Broadcast System
Featuring - MC Penultimate, Velcro

D4: Revitalise
Featuring - Soulson