• Cypress Hill - Elephants On Acid, 2xLP

Cypress Hill - Elephants On Acid, 2xLP

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  • Press: Europe
  • Year: 2018
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The project finds producer DJ Muggs returning to helm the project, the first full length he has worked on with the group for over a decade. “Anything can happen when Muggs, B-Real, and myself get together to record,” says Sen Dog. “We were kids when we first got together. We’ve grown up as men now, but the chemistry is still the same. When we first came out in the nineties, we sounded like nobody else; we sounded like ourselves. This is another continuation”. B-Real adds: “The album is both a trip back to the roots and an escape into a completely new world”.


A1: Tusko

A2: Band Of Gypsies
Featuring - Sadat, 50

A3: Put Em In The Ground
Featuring - Freddie Gibbs

A4: Satao

A5: Jesus Was A Stoner
Featuring - GonjaSufi

A6: Pass The Knife


B2: Oh Na Na
Backing Vocals - Franckie Muggs
Featuring - Brevi

B3: Holy Mountain

B4: Locos
Featuring - Eric Bobo, Sick Jacken

B5: Falling Down

C1: Elephant Acid

C2: Insane OG

C3: The 5th Angel

C4: Warlord

C5: Reefer Man
Featuring - Brevi

D1: Thru The Rabbit Hole

D2: Crazy
Featuring - Brevi

D3: Muggs Is Dead

D4: Blood On My Hands Again
Featuring - GonjaSufi

D5: Stairway To Heaven
Featuring - Brevi