• Edo.G - Wishful Thinking, 2xLP

Edo.G - Wishful Thinking, 2xLP

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US first press.


A1: Intro

A2: On Fire

A3: Interlude #1

A4: Day To Day

A5: Interlude #2

B1: Intro #2

B2: Be Thankful

B3: Interlude #3

B4: Ridiculous
Featuring - Jaysaun, Krumb Snatcha
Producer - Roddy Rod

B5: Questions

C1: Intro (Instrumental)

C2: On Fire (Instrumental)

C3: Interlude #1 (Instrumental)

C4: Day To Day (Instrumental)

C5: Interlude #2 (Instrumental)

D1: Intro #2 (Instrumental)

D2: Be Thankful (Instrumental)

D3: Interlude #3 (Instrumental)

D4: Ridiculous (Instrumental)
Producer - Roddy Rod

D5: Questions (Instrumental)