• Terkel Nørgaard - Museum Remixed, LP

Terkel Nørgaard - Museum Remixed, LP

  • Label: Palmspree
  • Catalog#: PS001
  • Press: Denmark
  • Year: 2019
  • Condition: NEW
  • Availability: In Stock
  • DKK100.00

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Terkel Nørgaard is one of Denmark’s most exciting jazz young talents. After a series of acclaimed solo and group releases, he is now gearing up for Museum Remixed - a remix EP featuring a host of the best Danish house and future beat producers. On Museum Remixed, Terkel Nørgaard passes the creative reins to Shatter Hands, Lord Akton, Jeppe Wolmer and 99 Blows - all mainstays on the thriving Copenhagen beat and future jazz scenes. The original material - Nørgaard’s 2017 album, Museum - has been sliced, diced and chopped into a EP that manages to stand fully on its own.

Side A:
1 'RFG' (Lord Akton Remix)
2 'Lost' (Shatter Hands Remix)

Side B:
1 'Luna' (99 Blows Remix)
2 'Edward' (Jeppe Wolmer Remix)