• Ap[ei]ron & Kinetik - Global Flow, 2xLP

Ap[ei]ron & Kinetik - Global Flow, 2xLP

  • Catalog#: none
  • Press: Germany
  • Year: 2010
  • Condition: NM/NM
  • Availability: In Stock
  • DKK80.00

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A1: Intro

A2: Legalizer
Featuring - Marcus Lokus

A3: River Of Styx
Featuring - Manekin Peace

A4: It's All Hip Hop
Featuring - Seekz Monster

A5: Da Limit
Featuring - Rasco

A6: Who Made God

B1: Bullshit
Featuring - Krondon, Phil Da Agony

B2: Diggin In The Crates
Featuring - Phong Bak

B3: Was Ist Das?
Featuring - Schlechta Umgang

B4: No Gimmick
Featuring - Minista Zin Uru

B5: Loaded And Cocked
Featuring - El Da Sensei

B6: Interlude

C1: Respekt
Featuring - Delicious, Eloquent

C2: Tagesform
Featuring - Noy, Retrogott, Stef The Crashtest, Sylabil Spill

C3: Realism
Featuring - M-Tri

C4: Wir Sind Halt So
Featuring - Julia, Lucasun

C5: Keep It Locked
Featuring - Rusty P's

C6: Interlude

D1: International Burial
Featuring - Chip Fu

D2: Stasi 2.0
Featuring - Killa Calles

D3: Ya Not My Homie
Featuring - Grand Agent

D4: You Better Showe Some
Featuring - Jabberjawz

D5: Moaning Storm