• Eyedea & Abilities - First Born, 3xLP

Eyedea & Abilities - First Born, 3xLP

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Original US. With gold promo stamp on front. Marker cross on barcode on back of sleeve.


A1: One

A2: Music, Music

A3: Birth Of A Fish...

A4: ...Powdered Water Too (1)

B1: ...Powdered Water Too (2)

B2: Color My World Mine

B3: Liquid Sovereignty

C1: A Murder Of Memories

C2: Blindly Firing

C3: Big Shots

D1: Void (Internal Theory)

D2: The Dive (1)

D3: The Dive (2)

E1: Well Being

E2: Eyes Of Today

E3: Read Wiped In Blue

F1: Void (External Theory)

F2: On This I Stand

F3: Untitled