• Terminator X - Super Bad, Cassette

Terminator X - Super Bad, Cassette

  • Label: Rush Associated Labels
  • Catalog#: 314 523 343-4
  • Press: US
  • Year: 1994
  • Condition: NM/NM
  • Availability: In Stock
  • DKK80.00

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A1: Terminator's Back

A2: Kidds From Terror

A3: Sticka

A4: It All Comes Down To The Money

A5: Thumpin's Goin On

A6: Krunchtime

A7: G'Damn Datt DJ Made My Day

A8: Stylewild '94

B1: Make Room For Thunder

B2: Scary-Us

B3: Under The Sun

B4: 1994 Street Muthafukkas Gong Show

B5: Don't Even Go There

B6: Mashitup

B7: Put Cha Thang Down

B8: Herc's Message