• Brother Ali - Shadows On The Sun, 3xLP

Brother Ali - Shadows On The Sun, 3xLP

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Original US 3xLP.


A1: Room With A View

A2: Champion...

A3: Star Quality

B1: Prince Charming

B2: Win Some Lose Some

B3: Pay Them Back

C1: Blah, Blah, Blah
Featuring - Slug

C2: Shadows On The Sun

C3: Prelude

C4: Forest Whitiker

D1: Bitchslap!

D2: Back Stage Pacin'

D3: When The Beat Comes In

D4: Missing Teeth
Featuring - Slug

E1: Dorian

E2: Soul Whisper

E3: Picket Fence

E4: Victory! (Come Forward)

F1: Victory! (Come Forward) (Instrumental)

F2: Pay Them Back (Instrumental)

F3: Soul Whisper (Instrumental)

F4: Picket Fence (Instrumental)