• Semi.Official - The Anti-Album, 2xLP

Semi.Official - The Anti-Album, 2xLP

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A1: Semi.Official?

A2: Grey

A3: Songs In The Key Of Tryfe
Rap [Featuring] - MF Doom

A4: Styfle Progression

B1: Transitions

B2: Systems Goe

B3: Hit The Deck
Rap [Featuring] - Budah Tye

B4: Police Assassination Anthem

C1: Crime

C2: Stand On Ya Square

C3: Get Up

C4: Live & Direct

C5: Invisible Princess

D1: Hurt Ya Feelings

D2: Nocturnal Terrorist Squad

D3: Wishing For A Miracle
Rap [Featuring] - Mr. Gene Poole

D4: I94W