• Vinnie Paz - As Above So Below, 2xLP

Vinnie Paz - As Above So Below, 2xLP

  • Catalog#: ES-LP-2001
  • Press: US
  • Year: 2020
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Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks, Army of the Pharaohs, Heavy Metal Kings) returns with his fifth solo album.


A1: Crime Wave Tehran
Featuring - Chinaski Black
Producer - Giallo Point
Written-By - B. Dixon, V. Luviner

A2: Scorched Earth
Featuring - Estee Nack, Jay Royale
Producer - Stu Bangas
Written-By - A. Rosario, J. Johnson, S. Hudgins, V. Luvineri

A3: I Am The Chaos
Producer - Vic Grimes
Vocals [Additional] - Chinaski Black
Written-By - M. Pignatelli, V. Luviner

A4: Mabuhay Gardens
Featuring - Block McCloud
Guitar, Bass - Johnny Burgos
Producer - Caliber
Written-By - A. Jorborn, I. Diaz, V. Luviner

A5: The Conjuring
Producer - Bronze Nazareth
Written-By - J. Cross, V. Luviner

B6: The Black Hand
Featuring - Demoz
Producer - Aaron Hiltz, C-Lance
Written-By - A. Hiltz, C. Lanciani, J. Vargas, J. Dorsey, V. Luviner

B7: Mock Up On Mu
Producer - Stu Bangas
Scratches [Cuts] - DJ Eclipse
Written-By - S. Hudgins, V. Luviner

B8: Ankle Bracelets
Featuring - Queen Herawin
Producer - Stu Bangas
Written-By - P. Smith, S. Hudgins, V. Luviner

B9: The Compleat Witch
Featuring - Nowaah The Flood
Producer - Evilldewer
Written-By - L.J. Gibson, V. Luviner, W. Reyes

C10: Hannibal
Producer - DNZ
Written-By - D. Ertem, V. Luviner

C11: Sicilian Bull
Producer - Vic Grimes
Scratches [Cuts] - DJ Eclipse
Written-By - M. Pignatelli, V. Luviner

C12: Cero Miedo
Producer - Lucky Loopiano
Written-By - R. Johannessen, V. Luviner

C13: Spilled Milk
Featuring - Eamon
Producer - Stu Bangas
Written-By - B.A. Heard, E. Doyle, S. Hudgins, V. Luviner

C14: Vahid Moradi
Featuring - Rigz
Producer - C-Lance
Written-By - C. Lanciani, T. Florence, V. Luviner

D15: I'll Buy All The Uranium You've Got
Featuring - Block McCloud
Producer - Nick Jackelson
Written-By - I. Diaz, N. Marzullo, V. Luviner

D16: Doomsday Machine
Featuring - Demoz, Vast Aire
Producer - Stu Bangas
Written-By - E. Doyle, J. Vargas, S. Hudgins, T. Arrington, V. Luviner

D17: Serve The Creator
Featuring - Recognize Ali
Producer - Bronze Nazareth
Written-By - J. Cross, N.A. Adamafio, V. Luviner

D18: The Gone-Away World
Performer ["The End of the World" Portions] - Benny Soebardja
Producer - Scott Stallone, Vinnie Paz
Written-By - B. Soebardja, Scott Stallone, V. Luviner