• Ivan Ave - Double Goodbyes, LP

Ivan Ave - Double Goodbyes, LP

  • Catalog#: MI-019
  • Press: Norway
  • Year: 2020
  • Condition: NEW
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Ivan Ave's new album “Double Goodbyes” is finally here! A 36 minute long master piece boasting Ivan’s jazzy and soulful trademark sound, fresh for 2020. This one less electronic sounding than his previous solo efforts, heavily infused by the mid-eighties jazz-funk, AOR & yacht rock sounds. With a note of levity, equally influential were the aesthetics of daytime TV shopping and late 80s -early 90s new age. “It’s easy to mock, due to some of its pompous cheesiness” says Ivan. “But as I get older, experiencing life’s ups & downs, the essence of it feels genuine”. Seven out of eleven tracks on the album came to life in Ivan’s studio last summer together with guitarist Sasac, while others are the product of his link with musicians in Alabama, Melbourne and LA. “Double Goodbyes" seems to almost mark a break with his rap roots. But perhaps not. Ave’s dilemma surfaces in the song “Find Me pt. III”; “how many times do you say goodbye before it means hello?”. Although partly an affectionate goodbye to rap, this record also welcomes exciting, new directions, and establishes Ivan in a much broader musical universe. The album features top notch musicians such as Sasac, Byron The Aquarius, Mndsgn, Devin Morrison, Kiefer, Clever Austin (Hiatus Kaiyote), Joyce Wrice and more. When Ivan guested the podcast of legendary producer, songwriter and member of A Tribe Called Quest, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, described his music as “deeply therapeutic”. The same can be said for his latest offering, «Double Goodbyes».


A1: Ivan Ave - Good
Drums - Ivan Ave
Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer - Sasac
Vocals - Silentjay

A2: Ivan Ave - Phone Won't Charge
Drums - Ivan Ave
Piano, Synthesizer, Bass, Guitar, Percussion - Clever Austin
Vocals - Sarah Nærø, Silentjay

A3: Ivan Ave - On The Very Low
Guitar, Synthesizer, Drums, Bass - Sasac
Vocals - Sarah Nærø

A4: Ivan Ave - Triple Double Love
Bass - Sasac
Drums - Ivan Ave
Synthesizer - Byron The Aquarius, Kristoffer Eikrem
Vocals - Zee

A5: Ivan Ave, Joyce Wrice - Guest List Etiquette
Drums, Bass, Synthesizer, Vocals - Devin Morrison, mndsgn

B1: Ivan Ave - Nu Path
Bass - Sasac
Drums, Electric Piano - Like
Drums, Percussion - Bendik HK, Ivan Ave
Synthesizer - Kristoffer Eikrem

B2: Ivan Ave - Find Me Pt. III
Bass - Magnus Falkenberg
Drums - Bendik HK, Ivan Ave
Synthesizer, Bass - Byron The Aquarius

B3: Ivan Ave, Sasac - Hope/Nope
Guitar, Bass, Drums, Synthesizer - Sasac

B4: Ivan Ave - Dooblé's Shout Outs
Bass, Electric Piano, Synthesizer - Byron The Aquarius
Drums - Ivan Ave

B5: Ivan Ave - Dooblé's Doorway
Bass, Drums - Sasac
Drums, Percussion - Ivan Ave
Guitar, Bass - Jon Bap
Vocals - Sarah Nærø

B6: Ivan Ave - Byyye
Bass, Guitar - Sasac
Drums, Percussion - Ivan Ave
Organ, Electric Piano - Kiefer