• Prefuse 73 - Extinguished: Outtakes, LP

Prefuse 73 - Extinguished: Outtakes, LP

  • Label: Warp Records
  • Catalog#: WAP164
  • Press: UK
  • Year: 2003
  • Condition: NM/NM
  • Availability: In Stock
  • DKK100.00

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A1: Suite For The Way Things Change A) Your Family B) Your Life C) The Most Beautiful Things D) Your Seeds
Drums - Dave Lebleu
Voice - Eva Puyuelo

A2: Tel Aviv's Gravel Toothbrush

A3: Pase Rock's Preestyle

A4: I Got No Time For Rearviews

A5: Dubs That Don't Match

A6: Between A Man & A Woman

A7: Martinique Was My Girl

A8: Culturaluhorgasm

A9: Whisper In My Ear To Tell Me You Hate Me

A10: One For The Crime Scene, A Bullet For Your Time

A11: Vikings Invade The Mediterranean But Don't Leave

A12: Diarrhea Takes Over Your Life

B13: I Can't Get My Eyes Off

B14: For Some But Not For Me

B15: Sao Paulo Arkansas

B16: Coming Into Something Better

B17: Humor Judgements

B18: Wronge Posture

B19: 3 Sounds From 94

B20: Robot Snares Got No Cadence Or Balance

B21: Kev Intro 99

B22: Drum Machine, Cello, Headwrap

B23: If They Died & They Were Yours