• Atmosphere - Headshots: Se7en, 3xLP

Atmosphere - Headshots: Se7en, 3xLP

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Original US. Bent corner


A1: Sep Seven Game Show Theme

A2: Round And Round

A3: Tracksmart
Rap [Featuring] - Mr. Gene Poole

B1: Choking On The Wishbone

B2: The Jackpot/Swept Away

B3: @ It Again

B4: The Stick Up
Rap [Featuring] - Eyedea

C1: Lyle Lovette

C2: Higher Living

C3: To The Break Of Sean

D1: Deer Wolf

D2: Molly Cool

D3: Dungeons And Dragons
Rap [Featuring] - Musab

E1: Anterlude

E2: Advanced Communications

E3: A Tall Seven And Seven

E4: 3.2 Red Dog

E5: The Abusing Of The Rib

F1: Write Now (Multiples No.4)

F2: I Wish Those Cats @ Fobia Would Give Me Some Free Shoes

F3: Heart