• Onra - Chinoiseries Pt. 1, 2 & 3, Deluxe Edition, 6xLP + 7"

Onra - Chinoiseries Pt. 1, 2 & 3, Deluxe Edition, 6xLP + 7"

  • Label: All City Records
  • Catalog#: ACCLPx1x2x3
  • Press: Ireland
  • Year: 2017
  • Condition: NM/NM
  • Availability: In Stock
  • DKK1,200.00

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Limited Edition Set - Chinoiseries pt.1,2 and 3! Plus Bonus 45 in Canvas Bag!. Special edition Triptych coverset. All housed in a screenprinted heavy canvas tote bag. Limited to 300 copies.


: Chinoiseries Pt. 1

A1: Introduction

A2: The Anthem

A3: Chop Your Hands

A4: Relax In Mui Ne

A5: Naughty Hottie (Interlude)

A6: Eat Dog

A7: Last Tango In Saigon

A8: Apocalypse Now

B1: I Wanna Go Back

B2: Full Backpack

B3: War

B4: Lesson With The Master

B5: Dark Sea

B6: Phuoc Dat (Interlude)

B7: Boundless Boundaries

B8: What Up Duyet?

C1: Welcome To Viet Nam

C2: Here Come The Flutes

C3: The Vallee Of Love

C4: Smoking Buddha

C5: Clap Clap

C6: Bounce (Interlude)

C7: Live From Hue

C8: Where's My Longan?

D1: Take A Ride

D2: Raw

D3: The Ritual

D4: Cymbal Oelek

D5: The Third Sword (Interlude)

D6: One Day

D7: They Got Breaks Too

D8: Hope

: Chinoiseries Pt. 2

A1: The Arrival

A2: A New Destiny

A3: It's All Memories

A4: Remember The Name

A5: Open The Door

A6: Gotta Go

A7: Mai's Theme

A8: Words Of Encouragement

B1: Trapped

B2: One For The Wu

B3: No Matter What

B4: Meet The Queen

B5: Stay With Me

B6: Opium Delirium

B7: Cold Blooded

B8: Where I'm From

C1: Still Broke

C2: Snakes & Smoke

C3: Mai's Theme 2

C4: Raw Shit

C5: Ms. Ho

C6: All Night

C7: In My Hind

C8: Hide & Seek

D1: Play The Game

D2: Warriors Pride

D3: Like Father, Like Son

D4: Fight Or Die

D5: Through The Flesh

D6: Tears Of Joy

D7: They Got Breaks Two

D8: The End

: Chinoiseries Pt. 3

A1: The Final Chapter

A2: Loyalty

A3: Autumn Moon Shining Over the Calm Lake

A4: Reminds Me Of...

A5: Will I See You Again

A6: Hold My Hand

A7: The Storm

A8: Fake Porcelain

B1: Moonlit Street

B2: Like The Seasons

B3: Lin Shao Ding

B4: Tea Vender On the Street

B5: Behind The Curtain

B6: Voices In My Head

B7: Keep Your Head Up

B8: Waterlily

C1: Memories From 1968

C2: Thank You Very Much

C3: Last Cup Of Wine

C4: Zoodiac

C5: Against The Wall

C6: Trip To Yunnan

C7: New Year's In Guang Zhou

C8: A Distant Dream

D1: Incantation

D2: Pearl Song

D3: The Spirit Blossoms All Over The Land

D4: Legacy

D5: Betrayal

D6: Persons on the Blacklist

D7: They Got Breaks Pt.3

D8: Bye Bye

: 4 Tracks Exclusive

A1: Disco Night In Beijing

A2: Hong Kong Fury

A3: Shanghai Boogie

A4: Stage 3