• Vic Spencer - Things Change, I Don't, 12", EP

Vic Spencer - Things Change, I Don't, 12", EP

  • Catalog#: DM-SP-052
  • Press: UK
  • Year: 2019
  • Condition: M/M
  • Availability: In Stock
  • DKK350.00

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A1: I Stole The Earth
Producer - Lil Kydd?!

A2: Thinking In Your Sleep
Producer - Nfidell

A3: Hail Mary On Speed Dial
Producer - Supa1983

A4: Dont Talk To Me
Producer - SLAUGHTER

A5: Arctic Frost Bite
Producer - Original Super Legend

A6: E-Cle pt3
Producer - 1ManMilitia

A7: Hardcore Friday
Producer - Vyle

B1: Concussion Stand
Producer - Dutchmaster

B2: Laurel Canyon Mansion
Producer - Lil Kydd?!

B3: The Early Pimp Gets The Perm
Producer - 8BZA

B4: Bigger They Are, Harder They Die
Producer - Free Mind

B5: MMM Ville
Producer - Eyedee

B6: Confidence Sucks
Producer - Deka Derse

B7: Penmanship Juice
Producer - LoopGOD