• Meyhem Lauren & Harry Fraud - Glass 2.0, LP

Meyhem Lauren & Harry Fraud - Glass 2.0, LP

  • Catalog#: SRFSCHL005
  • Press: US
  • Year: 2020
  • Condition: NEW
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In 2018, Meyhem Lauren teamed up with Brooklyn-based producer Harry Fraud to bring you GLASS. The original 9-track project featured Action Bronson, Westside Gunn, Conway the Machine, Big Body Bes and more. For GLASS 2.0, the duo went back to the archives and as the quarantine started, they began to revisit all of the music they recorded together while recording the original GLASS.


A1: Meyhem - Poseidon's Wrath

A2: Meyhem, Big Body Bes - Root Of Evil (feat. Big Body Bes)

A3: Meyhem - Yucca

A4: Meyhem - Bail Money

A5: Meyhem - Steamed Monkfish (Remix)

A6: Meyhem - Ducati Dreams

A7: Meyhem, Bags - Brunch At The Breakers (feat. Bags

A8: Meyhem - G Shit

A9: Meyhem - Jarlsberg

B1: Harry Fraud - Poseidon's Wrath (Instrumental)

B2: Harry Fraud - Root Of Evil (Instrumental)

B3: Harry Fraud - Yucca (Instrumental)

B4: Harry Fraud - Bail Money (Instrumental)

B5: Harry Fraud - Steamed Monkfish (Remix) (Instrumental)

B6: Harry Fraud - Ducati Dreams (Instrumental)

B7: Harry Fraud - Brunch At The Breakers (Instrumental)

B8: Harry Fraud - G Shit (Instrumental)

B9: Harry Fraud - Jarlsberg (Instrumental)