• Awol One And Daddy Kev - Slanguage, 2xLP

Awol One And Daddy Kev - Slanguage, 2xLP

  • Catalog#: MH-214
  • Press: US
  • Year: 2003
  • Condition: EX/VG+
  • Availability: In Stock
  • DKK100.00

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A1: Ear Drums For Beer Runs At AA

A2: Start Your Road Trip Now

A3: My Father Is Time, My Mother Is Nature

A4: Six Black Roses Are Sent To Your House

A5: Audio Bibles Are Written On Stone Tablet Tables

A6: Finger Paint With Bloodlike War Paint

A7: That One Song That You Play When You're Faded

A8: Mechanical Angel In Purgatory

B1: Reflections For Scratching Your Face Off

B2: Grey Skys In Psycho-Delic RGB

B3: Idiot Savant Autistic Delivery

B4: Bootleg Monster Movies

C1: Montgomery Burns' Quest For Power

C2: Bladder Sweat A.K.A. Colon Soup Rockin' The Mic

C3: My Favorite Weapon Selection

C4: High School Love Story Drop Out Song

C5: Psychos Vs. Suckers Are The Branch Davidians

C6: Buyin' Friends On Ebay

D1: Slowly Means God Is My Witness

D2: A Trainwreck In The Netherworlds

D3: The Rules Of The Week

D4: Turn Your Lights Off Conspiracy