• Colin Towns - Drama, LP

Colin Towns - Drama, LP

  • Catalog#: CHAP 102
  • Press: UK
  • Year: 1983
  • Condition: EX/VG
  • Availability: In Stock
  • DKK60.00

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: Chase Sequences

A1: Detective

A2: No Place To Hide

A3: Lifespan

A4: The Clowns Last Dance

A5: 52nd Street Shadow

: Reflective Pieces

A6: Reverie

A7: My Country

A8: Lost In Thought

A9: Finale

: Vocal

A10: Requiem

: Contemporary Themes - Jazz Style

B1: Elation

B2: Pacemaker

B3: The Duke's Shiny Shoes

: Contemporary Themes - Various Styles

B4: Light Fantasia

B5: Playing With Science

B6: New Horizons

: Atmospheric Pieces

B7: Forgotten Mission

B8: Absolutely Nowhere

B9: Premonition

B10: The Medium

B11: The Waiting