• KMD - The Best Of KMD, 2xLP

KMD - The Best Of KMD, 2xLP

  • Label: Nature Sounds
  • Catalog#: NSD-103
  • Press: US
  • Year: 2004
  • Condition: VG+/VG+
  • Availability: In Stock
  • DKK350.00

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Still in shrink with hype sticker.


A1: Mr. Hood At Piocalles Jewelry

A2: Crackpot

A3: Who Me?

A4: Trial 'N Error

A5: Hard Wit No Hoe

A6: Break

B1: Mr. Hood Gets A Haircut

B2: 808 Man

B3: Humrush
Producer - Stimulated Dummies

B4: Nitty Gritty
Featuring - Brand Nubian

B5: Peachfuzz

B6: Preacher Porkchop

C1: Garbage Day #3
Producer - Subroc

C2: What A Nigga Know?

C3: Sweet Premium Wine
Producer - Subroc

C4: Smokin' That S*#%!
Featuring - Earth Quake, Kurious, Lord Sear, Subroc

C5: Contact Blitt
Producer - Zev Love X

C6: Black Bastards!

D1: It Sounded Like A Roc!
Producer - Subroc

D2: Plumskinzz. (Oh No I Don't Believe It!)

D3: Break

D4: Popcorn
Co-producer - Zev Love X
Producer - Subroc

D5: Nitty Gritty (Dog Spelled Backwards Mix)
Featuring - Busta Rhymes, Lord Jamar, Sadat X