• Diamond And The Psychotic Neurotics - Stunts, Blunts, & Hip Hop, 2xLP, Reissue

Diamond And The Psychotic Neurotics - Stunts, Blunts, & Hip Hop, 2xLP, Reissue

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90’s unofficial pressing with the full tracklist


A1: Intro

A2: Best Kept Secret
Vocals [Additional] - Bonita, Fat Joe, LaReese, Whiz One

A3: Sally Got A One Track Mind

A4: Step To Me
Co-producer - Diamond
Producer - Showbiz

A5: Shut The Fuck Up
Vocals [Additional] - The Psychos

A6: Fuck What U Heard
Co-producer - Lakim Shabazz

A7: You Can't Front (...It Is Real)
Co-producer - Buckwild
Featuring - Lord Finesse, Sadat X

B1: I'm Outta Here

B2: A Day In The Life
Featuring - Brand Nubian

B3: Last Car On The 2 Train
Featuring - The Psychos

B4: Red Light, Green Light
Vocals - Gigi From Lincoln Projects, The Kids Of Forrest Day Care Center

B5: I Went For Mine
Co-producer - Diamond
Producer - Jazzy Jay
Scratches - Master Tee

C1: Comments From Big "L" And Showbiz
Vocals [Additional] - Big L, Showbiz

C2: Check One, Two
Co-producer - The 45 King

C3: What You Seek

C4: Lunchroom Chatter
Vocals [Additional] - The Psychos

C5: Confused
Featuring - Jasmine, Michelle Sweeting

C6: Pass Dat Shit
Featuring - Fat Joe, Maestro, Mike G.Q., Whiz One

D1: Freestyle (Yo, That's That Shit)
Co-producer - Large Professor
Guitar - Shane Faber
Vocals [Additional] - The Psychos

D2: K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)
Co-producer - Q-Tip

D3: Stunts, Blunts, & Hip Hop
Vocals [Additional] - The Psychos

D4: Wuffman Stressed Out

D5: Feel The Vibe
Featuring - Showbiz

D6: Sally Got A One Track Mind
Remix - Showbiz

D7: A View From The Underground
Featuring - Fat Joe