• XL Middleton - Things Are Happening, LP

XL Middleton - Things Are Happening, LP

  • Catalog#: MOFUNK019
  • Press: US
  • Year: 2017
  • Condition: NEW
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XL Middleton is a musician from California whose format falls into the funk-laden style the region has traditionally been known for. The Pasadena-based artist/producer has been hard at work for years crafting melodic, chord-heavy tunes and which have earned him accolades on major platforms, as well as national print coverage in the Washington Post and major local print coverage in LA Weekly, where his album “Tap Water” made it to a Best of 2015 list. XL has toured internationally in Japan, Canada, and throughout Europe, catering to fans of the funked-out West Coast sound.


A1: Never Have Too Many Freaks

A2: Look Who's Talkin'

A3: Ice Level (Interlude)

A4: Purple Sheets

A5: Paradise Of Pavement
Featuring - Zackey Force Funk

B1: Better Friend
Featuring - Moniquea

B2: Prelude To The Invasion

B3: Enjoy The Ride

B4: Gotta Let You Go

B5: They Don't Wanna Leave Me