• DJ Squeeky & The Family - On A Mission, 2xLP, Reissue

DJ Squeeky & The Family - On A Mission, 2xLP, Reissue

  • Label Smoke On Records
  • Catalog#: SOR-1071-1
  • Press: Germany
  • Year: 2023
  • Condition: NEW
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 46.98€

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For the first time on vinyl, limited to 250 copies on black vinyl


A1: D.J. Squeeky, Yo Lynch - On A Mission (Intro)

A2: Criminal Mane, Thugsta, Zirk, Primo - Death To You Player Hater

A3: Zirk, D.J. Squeeky, Tom-Skee, Criminal Mane - Orange Mound Killers
Chorus - Primo

A4: Thugsta, Tom-Skee, Criminal Mane, Yo Lynch - Stay Ballin

B1: Yo Lynch, Tom-Skee, Young Lo - These Bitches
Chorus - D.J. Squeeky, Thugsta

B2: Zirk, Tom-Skee - Greed
Chorus - Thugsta

B3: Lil Stick-up, Thugsta, Yo Lynch - Hoez Ta Brake

B4: Thugsta, Criminal Mane, Tom-Skee, Killer Murphy, Young Lo, Insane - Makes No D
Chorus - D.J. Squeeky, Yo Lynch

C1: Tom-Skee, Thugsta, Criminal Mane - O-ZS And Keyz
Chorus - Michael Street

C2: Criminal Mane, Insane, Killer Murphy, D.J. Squeeky - Aint Barrin It

C3: Criminal Mane, Thugsta, Yo Lynch - Project Playaz

C4: Killer Murphy, Insane, 187, Lil Grove, Yo Lynch - Playahatin In Da Mist

D1: Criminal Mane, Yo Lynch, Insane, Killer Murphy - We Da Niggaz On Da Block

D2: Thugsta, Criminal Mane, Tom-Skee, Yo Lynch - Feel Me

D3: Yo Lynch, Criminal Mane, Tom-Skee, Thugsta - Lipps And Hipps

D4: Alkapone, Big Vince, Cocaine Wayne, Taylor Boy, Young Lo, G.K., Lil Stick-up, Criminal Mane, Thugsta, Kyle, Lil Grove, Tom-Skee, Lil Fly - Down South!!!